Sommerzeit – Herbsttraining

Ihr Lieben,

nach drei Wochen südlich der Alpen taste ich mich vorsichtig und voll Fragen ( Gibt es tatsächlich Temperaturen unter 30 Grad? Ebenen ohne Alpen? Keine frisch gepflückten Feigen? ) wieder zurück nach Berlin. Allein um die Änderung des Umfelds zu bewältigen, drängt es mich zurück ins Training.

Drum finden wir uns ab Samstag sacht wieder ein, in der Hasenheide und zu den üblichen Zeiten, morgens um 8:30 fürs Stille und um 10:45 fürs Karate. Die neu erworbenen Einsichten und Fähigkeiten (Eis essen, so lässig über die Piazza schlendern, dass man auf italienisch angesprochen wird, dem geistigen Quantenfeld des Unterbewussten erlauben, neue Bezugsfelder zu schaffen, die die Essenz ihrer Teile verändert. ) lassen wir dort selbstverständlich einfließen.

Ich hoffe, Ihr seid auch wohl behalten wieder da. Ich freu mich auf Euch und unsere Stunden.

Lieben Gruß,



Summer’s End

Dear All,

slowly everyone is trickling back into the city and gently, so do we. On Saturday we enjoy finest summer weather in Hasenheide park, gently easing us back into practice in Karate and still exercises. We learned a lot during  the summer be it at home under Jan´s guiding hand or abroad. We will try to apply our new insights. Class times are the usual, from 8:30 in the morning to 10 and 10:45 to 12:45. All at the oak trees.


Nothing particularly strenous. We are still mellow.


Best regards,



Off we go into intense stillness!

Tomorrow,  we head to the mountains of Silesia for our intense stillness seminar.

We will be in the middle of the forest, surrounded by beech trees,  deer and rustling streams.

Our focus this year is the tension between archaic freedom of being and its mindful observation. We will combine the two to powerfully open up new life spaces for us.

Results ready for inspection next week,

Greetings from Bila Voda!






Auf gehts in die Stille

Montag fahren wir los, in die Berge auf unsere Hütte im Tal der Weissach. Die Sonne lacht, der Bach rauscht und die Hirsche spielen im Wald. Wir bald für eine Woche mit ihnen.


Dieses Jahr konzentrieren wir uns auf das Spannungsfeld zwischen Archaik und Achtsamkeit, zwischen dem großen Freiraum, der aus ungezügeltem Sein erwächst, und seine Ordnung durch unseren beobachtenden Geist.


Wird sehr spannend…!


Stillen Gruß,





BNPP International Hackathon 2017 Berlin

This past weekend, Malte helped give spiritual underpinnings to the 2017 BNPP International Hackathon.  We led about 30 data engineers and researchers ans as many bank managers through inspiring group practices, meditation and individual meditative coaching sessions.

It looked hilarious at times. See the video.



Woche vom 5. Juni

Diese Woche ist die erste mit den neuen Trainingszeiten.


Donnerstag nachmittag von halb zwei bis halb vier üben wir Karate statt Freitag vormittag. Wieder im 4. OG ZYS.


Samstag muss ich pünktlich gehen. Drum müssen wir auch pünktlich um halb elf anfangen.


Ansonsten bleibt alles normal.


Lieben Gruß,







Woche vom 15. Mai

Hallo Ihr,


diese Woche spielen wir ein bisschen Schach mit dem Wetter. Mittwochs üben wir drinnen, dann ziehen wir die stille Stunde vom Samstag auf Donnerstag vor und üben um halb neun in der Hasenheide. Freitag weichen wir den Gewittern aus und üben wie gewohnt drinnen.


Samstag macht Jan das Karate Training. Wenn Ihr nichts Besonderes hört, wie gewohnt im Studio um kurz nach halb elf.


Viel Spaß dabei!



The Spring Karate Seminar

Dear All,

by now we have all come back safely from our trip to the Silesian Mountains, where we held our Karate spring seminar this year. It turned out  magnificent. Raw. Light. Seductive. Tiring. Relaxing. And Instructive.

It was also a great adventure practically from beginning to end. In the morning of our arrival day I looked out of the window and saw this: 10 cm fluffy snow that had fallen overnight. It’s a mountaneous area after all..

Needless to say, we won’t be stopped in our tracks by such  minor obstacles. The first morning unit took place in the barn adjacent to the house. This is how it looks, when the morning light strams through the door:

We shook ourselves a bit and relaxed deeply.

While we doing that the sun was at work already, burning the snow,  turning the world green again. For our late morning unit, we stayed close to the house, streched throughly, found our way back into our stances and fit them into Heian Sandan.

The afternoon was much tougher. We climbed the Hutberg, up the steep border path along the ridge of the  mountain. Every step a kick and every breath a balance exercise. Up there we easily practiced on trees and kicked away some dead wood. The rain barely bothered us. It was all a bit dark though.

We sheltered under the attic late at night to make up for the cold afternoon. I didn’t take a watch. 2 hours of hand techniques sitting on the ground went by on the fly.

Quiet practice in the morning on the house meadow was glorious.

Off we went into the forest in the afternoon. High above the rushing, snow filled Weißach we dug into the forest ground with bare feet and closed eyes. We kicked the air, trees and each other. The blind samurai waded through the icy waters at the end and walked home past the remaining patchces of snow.

The afternoon brought a change of perspective. From the other flank of the valley, we saw the Owl Mountains praciticing Katas.

At night the stars twinkled on the night sky. We had keys fr the museum ground floor, but no one wanted to practice indoors.

The night sky above Weißwasser is both clear and warm. In Brandenburg it is very clear, too but cool, amost icy. Here, it was lovely. That made repeating Katas easy. The deer were very impressed.

Late the next morning, we went up to the meadow of magic. It was bright and clear and the sun was shining. We learned to relax undeer th presence of our opponent. It worked out very well.

The little dark blot on the right in the picture is Jan taking his customary smoking break after practice.

And the it was all over again.  Faster than planned, but I think everyone took home something entirely new and original.

There was some absurd and comedic relief, provided by Don standa and Sancho Robert, out ultramarthon running Guru- Chef and his helper with an Indian, Sioux, soul.  Standa’s Knödel have set a standard for inner lightness that we all strive to achieve in our souls.

Barely had you left that the sun disappeared and the valley through on a thick coat of velvety fog. At times the mist parted and let the sun light it up ,but when at last I left, the whole valley  was all fluid and washed out. Pure Tao…

My determination to turn the Albrecht Home into our mountain residence has only increased. Weißwasser is lovely during the summer but in this unsteady, enervating non spring it has turned out to be truly magnificent.

We are back in July from 18th to 23rd..


Looking forward to seeing you there,