A Closer Look

Systemic Therapy in Times of War – 10.-15.11 Carpathia Ukraine

5 Days retreat and practices in Systemic Psychotherapy.

In this workshop we take a closer look at inviting change in the unconscious structures of our clients.

We study entering into mindful connection with the client. We learn to master its characteristics and the internal state necessary to achieve and maintain it.

We learn to use the interplay between fluidity and spontaneous reordering in the inner system to achieve lasting structural change.

We learn to combine fluidity in thinking with structural schemata, guiding our questions and interventions.

We study how to use representative perception and constellations to increase our spectrum of communcation and sharpen our interventions.

Practice time is 8 hours a day, alternating between physical and meditation practice, theory input, practical applications training, group exercises and demonstrations.

At the end of the retreat you will have increased your inner freedom to choose and your trust in your mindful side; You will also have gained practical knowledge. The abilities acquired during the course are especially useful in working with the sensitivities of war victims and soldiers.

Typical day Structure:

6:30 to 7:30 am – tai chi meditation

10-13:30 Morning session

3:30pm to 7 pm afternoon session

Evening free.

Please write for all inquiries!

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