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Fun and Learning in the snow

This morning, we opened the training season 2017. The valiant heroes who got up at 5 am to exercise in snow and cold were richly rewarded.

Snow started falling just after 7 am. Before, we had fun practicing our balance on ice, doing kicks. We circled a few trees thereafter, hitting them and then each other. A few hundred kicks against the oak trees and at last there was an immaculate snow cover on the ground around us. We traced Katas in the snow. See attached picture of a decorous Heian Shodan kanji made by Sarah.

On our way home we mercilessly cut the snow flakes in the air to pieces. We were back in the warm at a quarter to ten.


The year may hence begin … hope everyone will have lots of fun,



Bye Bye Urbanraum

Last week, after we finished Thursday class as usually, I lingered a bit longer in Urbanraum, our home for the past 6 and a half years. Lit a candle, practiced all the Katas up to Jion and sat still for a while. Took the key off my keychain and left it on the table. Shut the door behind me and walked home.

And that was it. After a long time we are on the lookout for a new home. Urbanraum saw our group stand on its own feet after we left the Bundestag. It grew rather quickly and shrank again, slowly, before expanding again. Teaching style changed a lot, it is a lot calmer and wiser now that when we moved in. The room changed a lot, too, from slightly overbearing Chinese martial arts kitsch to disorganized dancing community home to crisp and hip event space.

If all goes well we will soon have an adequate replacement at hand. Just a few negotiations with the landlords at Karl Marx Strasse left to be concluded. I will keep everyone abreast of new developments.



Back from Stolzenhagen

We are back from our Karate Seminar in Stolzenhagen. Many of us went there for the first time. Weather was good. We went swimming in the canal, narrowly escaping a murderous catfish (a little fish was not so lucky, right in front of our eyes). We walked along Krähenberg, our feet dangling over the steep hill, practicing kicks. We leant against the wall of the Herrenhaus practicing sidekicks. We looked inside and let our feet fly outside. There was something in it for everyone.

We even know a new Kata. Everybody escaped unharmed. Unlike the weeks before.

The day after, I went practicing on my own, captivating my audience. See below.


See you all in ’17!