Traditional and spiritual Karate

New Course – We extend our offerings!

Beginning Oct 1st, we offer a traditional beginner’s Karate class, focusing on Techniques, Self Defence and Physical Training. Mental Karate Concepts play a supportive role.

In turn, on Wednesdays, we can freely focus on spiritual Karate. Here, we use Karate exercises to release our mind and emotions. Training is physically intense, but turned inwards.

Jan teaches the Traditinal Beginner’s class. It takes place in the Karate Studio in Bechsteinfabrik at Recichenberger Strasse 124.  Access is best from Ohlauer Strasse.

Saturdays class will remain a synthesis of the two styles, as before.

The extra class completes our program and gives more room for all the various tastes in our practice.

Looking forward to seeing you there!





Karate Studio Shin Gi Tai in der Bechsteinfabrik

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