Introductory Course – Traditional and Spiritual Karate

From November 5th: Get to know Karate for six weeks in all its facets – self defense and self experience together with a lot of inner work. Cultivate your mind along with your body.  The introductory class comprises both traditional and spiritual Karate.

In traditional Karate, we practice the basic techniques along with their uses in self defense. Here, we can let ourselves go and live out our aggression, rage and fears.

In spiritual Karate we have a closer look at Karate. We study how Karate practice, once we get our ballast out of the way, can also point our minds and emotion towards softening inner conflicts and contrasts and to thus achieve a more harmonious inner life. The physical exercises of karate provide powerful allegories that our subcinscious can easuily understand. We practice with physcial intensity, but keep a close eye on the emotional message of the techniques.

Spiritual Karate is the meeting place of physical training with buddhist and systemic thinking.

In a compact course of six weeks, with two units per week offered, we can sketch the outlines of our training. Course begins November 5th. introductory rate is 60€ ( 30€ reduced rate). NO prios knowledge required.

Ask questions via the contact form or give me a call at +49 174 3790176.

Looking forward to seeing you all!





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