Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to Everyone!

Times are a bit wild and uncertain these days. Many people seem to get drunk on blind hatred and delusions. All the more important to keep a calm head, inner freedom and trust.

Rage and hatred are easily available emotions. Creating something genuinely new in our multi layered modern world is a lot more difficult.

Germany managed something extraordinary in that respect in recent years – We created a state where no one needs to be afraid and a society that could not be whipped into a fever easily anymore. That’s why we are still, relatively speaking, an island of serenity and bliss in a world of stormy rage. And that even though here, too, rascals on the extreme right and left have tried to poison out minds.

Wanton destruction and delusions feel good at first. They hurt everyone though, in the end. Let’s do everything to keep Germany going –  it is the best Germany we have ever had. We can be proud of our country!

To do that we need to find the love love and strength that are readily available in us. In Innere Stille, we work on that all the time, with strenuous power in martial arts and quiet stillness in meditation. We can thus apply all our love and strength to humanity and the cause of good. That is the best service we can do to our country.

Lots of Happiness to everyone in the new Year! All the best,


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